Tips for Brewing

Tips for Brewing a Fantastic Cup of Coffee

I don’t know about you but when I talk to a barista I get overwhelmed because of all the knowledge they have and the technical way they give coffee brewing instructions. No doubt they are absolutely fantastic and have taken coffee to the highest level achieving as a result the perfect cup of coffee! I believe it’s equally true that you can make a fantastic cup of coffee in the comfort of your own home with simple instruments and good coffee beans!

With just a few tips and hacks I can guarantee you will be able to make a rewarding cup of coffee and love your results! Please allow me to take you through them:

  • Water: if your tap water tastes a bit metallic or acidic try using filtered water so the taste in the water doesn’t alter the coffee taste. To take it to the next level, do use filtered water.
  • Clean kettle: keep your kettle clean, give it a rinse to remove any residue before you start boiling your water.
  • Boiling water: the ideal brew temperature is anywhere from 195 F to 205 F. You will reach this temperature if you boil water in your kettle and once boiled let it sit for a bit of time, don’t pour it straight away. You can use a kitchen thermometer or a kettle that tells the temperature.
  • Extra water: pour hot water in the vessels and cups in advance. This will keep the coffee hot for longer.
  • Weigh your coffee (and water): measure coffee and water by weight. Making great coffee is a bit like following a recipe, coffee and water have to be measured for a great result, it’s all about reaching the right proportions, whether you like it strong or more on the weak side. Check the different brewing methods in this section for information on water/coffee rations.
  • Grind beans: when possible grind fresh beans just before use, as the beans start losing flavour after grinding. If you don’t want to invest in an electric grinder, you can always try a manual one. If not, not to worry, use ground coffee but do store it immediately after in an airtight container away from the light.
  • Smell the coffee: one of the simplest but most satisfying pleasure in life is to smell the beans when you open the bag and even better as soon as you grind it. Take you time, pause and enjoy!
  • Storing coffee: coffee does not like oxygen or light! So do remember as soon as you open your coffee bag, to store it in an airtight container away from the light.
  • When all else fails: if you can’t be bothered with all of the above and don’t have much time but want a delicious cup of coffee, just follow my bullet proof method: try 1 tablespoon of coffee per cup (125ml). If you find it to weak next time add a bit more, and if you find it a bit strong put a bit less next time until you find what works for you. 

Do refer to the brewing guides in this section for the method you will use to make your coffee, but please don’t worry if you don’t get it right at the beginning. As with everything, practice makes perfect. If there is something fun about trying this out, is that you get to practice and drink delicious coffee! What’s not to like?

Remember, coffee taste is really personal, so depending on your taste you can adjust it, add a bit more if you want it stronger or put a bit less if you want it a weaker. I recommend trying different types of coffee from different regions, take your time and put down own tasting notes and get to know what better suits your palette.

Above all, enjoy this simple pleasure that life offers us!