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Pour Over

This might be one of the most common ways to make a quick, simple, and delicious cup of coffee. It involves pouring hot water through a paper filter over coffee grounds. Depending on the shape of the filter you use, this method typically lets you enjoy a smooth, round, and full-bodied flavour.





The Chemex method is similar to a pour-over, with the exception that it uses a special Chemex paper filtr with a beautiful glass flask. Just like the standard pour-over, hot water is poured through the Chemex paper filter over ground coffee, where the mix drips into the glass flask and acts as its own special carafe. This method creates a cleaner and more refined flavour without the acidity.


French Press




Using a French press creates a uniquely wonderful flavour that’s as luscious and complex as it is simple. French presses come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles so that you can personalise your coffee-ing experience even further.






Launched in 2005 by Alan Adler adding a really fun and easy to use tool to the coffee market. To brew this coffee, you use a plastic plunger with three parts – a plunger, a coffee baster, and a brew chamber. The AeroPress is a great way to brew a sweet, espresso-like coffee in a fun and unique way.


Vacuum Pot



The siphon or vacuum pot was invented in Germany in the 1840s, and to this day, it’s arguably the most fancyand dramatic way to make a cup of coffee. This vacuum pot uses gravity to push freshly brewed coffee through a filter and create a mellow and delicate flavour profile. If you have a special occasion coming up or you’d like to impress your friends with some premium coffee-ing, it’s a fun way to make coffee that everyone is guaranteed to love! 

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