One Mocha to GO! In the comfort of your own home!

I have a confession to make: I have a sweet tooth! I love to have my coffee black but when the craving for something sweet kicks in, I don’t hesitate going to the local coffee shop for a mocha coffee. Can’t think of something more scrumptious that a shot of coffee with milk, topped up with whipped cream and chocolate! Some of my favourite things all in one delicious cup! 

Our friends from Earl Of Coffee have given us some tips on how to make this delicious coffee in the comfort of your own home the Italian way - using a Mocha machine! This comes very handy at a time where we are in another lockdown and can help us save a pound or two, I’d say even 3 pounds depending where you get it!

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How To Use Mocha Coffee Machines

Much like the Cappuccino, the mocha also contains frothed milk that may come and topped with whipped cream. Perhaps you keep ordering your favorite mocha coffee from your favorite local coffee shops because you love coffee and chocolate. But did you know that you may also make your own mocha coffee at home? With the help of a mocha coffee machine, you will break the habit of hitting the coffee shops to get your regular caffeine jolt.

Learning how to use mocha coffee machines is just very easy. You can find the best mocha coffee machine here and learn and understand how to use it correctly. These machines are very affordable and very easy to use, and it’s going to be a very good investment, rather than going out and get your mocha coffee in a coffee shop every single day. But it’s also helpful that you understand the right way to use it, which you’re going to learn from this article.

Tips in Preparing Coffee with Mocha

Italians are known to be big fans of coffee with a rich mocha taste. This trend continues to be the most consumed type of coffee made in local coffee shops and at home. If you are also like the Italians who love mocha coffee, then perhaps, you will consider using a mocha coffee machine for this, like having your personal barista at home.

Even though mocha is losing grounds, it still remains to be the first choice of coffee flavor for most people every morning and during break time. Here are some helpful tips you need to keep in mind if you want to prepare yourself with the all-time favorite mocha coffee.

  • Mocha coffee should not be finely ground. It’s not like the ones used for espresso machines.
  • It must not be pressed down so it will not pass through the holes in the coffee maker’s filter.
  • You should also store the coffee in its usual way to preserve the flavor.
  • It must not be too watery.
  • It must have a light froth with varying colors according to the type of coffee used.
  • Check the state of the rubber seal to always keep your mocha delicious.


Thank you Earl of Coffee for these great tips!

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